Welcome to CDO's Advisory home page!


Mission Statement: The purpose of the CDO Advisory period is to provide general academic, financial, college and career information and guidance. Each grade level has a specific curriculum designed to meet the needs of that particular group.

General Goals of Advisory Period:
  • College Planning
  • PSAT & AIMS Preparation
  • Personal Finance Education and Financial Planning
  • Freshmen Transition
  • Education on Civic Responsibility
  • Career Portfolio (ECAP)

Information about 2011-2012 Advisory:

Thank You to everyone who participated in the creation, planning and maintaining of the CDO Pride Time/ Advisory Period over the last four years. Your efforts are appreciated and because of you, CDO students were able to participate in many educational activiites such as:

  • The Prince/Amphi Middle Shoe Drive
  • SRO Presentations on texting and driving, etc.
  • Door Decorating Contests
  • Link Crew Activities
  • ECAP Activities
  • Financial Literacy and Planning
  • Teacher-Student bonding time