10th Grade Advisory Resource Page

NOTE: ECAP activities/goals are indicated in green.

August 26, 2011

Fall Sports Assembly

September 9, 2011

  1. Review the purpose of Advisory class using the PowerPoint below:
  2. Next, it is important to go over ECAP requirements using the following moviemaker presentation: ECAP moviemaker.wmv
  3. To view the Arizona Department of Education ECAP overview go to this website and review the information with the students: http://www.ade.az.gov/ecap/Attributes.pdf
  4. To view the Arizona Deprtment of Education ECAP video go to this website:
  5. Click on the link below and review the ECAP timeline for sophomores: http://www.ade.az.gov/ecap/TemplateExamples/ECAPPlanningGuide.pdf
  6. ECAP goal: Introduction to PSAT test. It is important for 10th graders to be thinking about PSAT and SAT for college entrance.
  • The date for the 2011 PSAT is October 15th. Remind students to check with the bookstore about payment deadlines.
  • Show the PSAT PowerPoint presentation and promote PSAT for sophomores.
  • CDO is trying to get more sophomores taking the PSAT!

7. Review practice PSAT questions with the students (The teacher key is located on the last slide).

8. The issue of whether the costs of a college education are worth it are discussed on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ9XITuJeXk&feature=related
9. Additional college choice information: Are Ivy League Schools Worth it?:

September 23, 2011

1. The requirements for participation in the Proposition 301 Pay for Performance include an AIMS Math pretest and post-test.
•CDO is required to have a site-based assessment in one of the AIMS testing areas
•CDO has chosen math because it is the area in need of most improvement
•The goal is to show improvement between September and April

Information for the Prop 301 pretest:
● you should have copies of the tests saved in a secure location
● you will need to get scantrons from you department chair
● details are available in the email you received from Charlene Stone
● 20 minutes should be enough for this pretest


October 7, 2011

Today the focus is AIMS reading, writing and math skills.

Building and practicing vocabulary skills is important for reading comprehension and writing.

1. Show video: "Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots" Rap www.educationalrap.com
2. In order to learn about the meaning of prefixes, have the students complete the prefix activity described on the PowerPoint.

3. Give students approximately 15 minutes to attempt to match the prefixes with their meanings.
(The following handout has been copied at Graphics and Printing; each student should be given a copy).

4. Review correct answers with students (See: answer key for prefixes document above)
5. Using the meanings of the prefixes, review the definitions and examples on the answer key.
6. To extend this activity to math, have students attempt the word combinations questions on the
"combinations" PowerPoint:

7. Access AIMS practice questions here:

October 28, 2011

  • Only give the accountability sheet to your students who have been attending advisory and completing the activities.
  • Remind students to ask their teachers if they will accept the signed sheet as a homework forgiveness (or other as noted on the sheet).
  • All social studies teachers have agreed to accept the signed pink forms.

SRO presentation in the auditorium. Take attendance and escort students to auditorium.

December 9, 2011

ECAP goal: Personal Decision Making
Show Video from DVD (or click link below)
Your Spending Plan: http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-webisode-2-your-spending-plan/
1. Personal Decision Making: Have students read the packet entitled: "Personal Decision Making" and complete the activities.
2. Review study skills and preparation for finals.

January 20, 2012

ECAP goals: Learning About Your Interests and Skills; Planning for education

Show Video from DVD (or click link below)
Identifying Your Needs: http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-webisode-3-identifying-your-needs/
Today the sophomores will be reading about temperament styles and making connections to college and career choices.
This is available in handout form, but you can access it by clicking on the document below.

1. Have students take about 10 minutes to read about temperament types.
2. Students should then complete the questionnaire and figure out their temperament style.
3. Discuss with the class the temperament style they identified with and see if they agree that they are in fact that style.
  • Further the discussion about how personality characteristics affect college and career choices.

February 3, 2012

AIMS testing will be on the following dates (You should encourage your students to write these in their planners)
    • February 28- Writing
    • February 29 - Reading
    • April 10th - Math
    • April 11th - Science
    • Even though these dates seem far away, the sophomores need to continually be practicing reading, writing and math skills.

AIMS reading and writing activity: Summarizing information

1. The topic the students will be reading and then writing about is true stories of survival... try to spark a discussion about stories of surviving against great odds (through plane crashes, natural disasters, etc.)
2. Distribute copies of "Survival Stories" for students to read individually.
3. Then have groups of 3-4 students discuss the main ideas and decide on the most important information in the stories.
4. Have groups create a summary for each story and share with the rest of the class.
5. Discuss how to write a summary by pulling main ideas out of a larger story. (Examples are provided in the "survival summary examples").

6. Show this brief video on the tsunami in Japan and discuss survival strategies during a natural disaster:
7. Time left over? Begin AIMS math practice: Use the following math jeopardy game to review 10th grade math concepts with your class. Just like in jeopardy, click on the "question" to get the answer! (THIS WILL BE USED AGAIN NEXT ADVISORY and on APRIL 6th, after the prop 301 post-test).

February 17, 2012

Today the focus is on AIMS reading/writing. NOTE: Upcoming February AIMS test dates:
  • February 28- Writing
  • February 29 - Reading

1. Review essay writing tips by showing this PowerPoint and discussing it with the students. (Keep in mind these tips are just general writing tips, not geared specifically for AIMS).
2. For specific practice, use the document below to teach your kids about how to write a good introductory paragraph.
3. Have students participate either individually, in small groups or as a class in writing introductory paragraphs.
4. Go over the instructions for writing conclusions using the document below.
5. Then have the students practice writing conclusions.

6. Time left over? Continue AIMS math practice: Use the following math jeopardy game to review 10th grade math concepts with your class. Just like in jeopardy, click on the "question" to get the answer! (This is the same math jeopardy game from 2/3).
(There will be time to continue this on April 6th).
7. Access more AIMS practice questions here:

March 2, 2012

ECAP goal: Planning for Education
Show Video from DVD (or click link below)

Resources http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-webisode-4-resources/

  1. Registration discussion
  2. ECAP goal: Planning for Education: College Search. One of the ECAP requirements for Sophomores is college/career exploration and the following activities are intended to support ECAP.
    Show Video
    from DVD (or click link below)
  3. Finding Your Career Objective http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-webisode-1-finding-your-career-objective/
    1. Demonstrate how to use the College Board website: www.collegeboard.com2. For fun, you can show this short video of residence life at the U of A

March 16, 2012

Spring Sports Assembly

April 6, 2012

1. Prop 301 post-assessment

2. AIMS math review: Reminder: AIMS math test is April 10th!
Use the following math jeopardy game to review 10th grade math concepts with your class. Just like in jeopardy, click on the "question" to get the answer! (This is the same jeopardy game from 2/17).

April 20, 2012

Use the DVD or go to http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/category/video3-2/ and show the videos and go through the discussion questions with your class. The questions are also listed below:

ECAP goal: Planning for Education
Sho Episode 1 "Finding Your Career Objective" Video
from DVD** (or click link below)

  • What are my natural skills and abilities?

  • How have I used these skills and abilities in the past?

  • If training and education didn’t matter, what would I want my career to be?

  • Am I interested in learning how to do that?
Resources http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-webisode-1-finding-your-career-objective/

Show Episode 4 "Resources" Video from DVD (or click link below)
  • Who do I know who can help me with my career objective?
  • Are there any community organizations that help people with similar needs?
  • How do others with my challenges resolve them?
  • How does overcoming this challenge help me with my career objective?
Resources http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-webisode-4-resources/

Show Episode 5 "Action Plan" Video from DVD (or click link below)
1. List the steps to reach your career objective.
2. For each step, answer the following:
a. What action needs to take place?
b. Who can assist you in fulfilling that assignment?
c. When is each assignment to be completed?
d. When should completed assignments be reported?
Action Plan http://www.yellowbrickroad.com/follow/yellowbrickroad-video-5-action-plan/